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June 10, 2021


A sanitary sewer overflow occurred at a manhole belonging to the Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District's collection system on the south side of Hazel Ridge Road, approximately 3300 feet west of Sunset Drive in the City of Elkhorn. The manhole contains an air/vacuum relief valve and is located on a sanitary sewer force main between Elkhorn #2 lift station and Elkhorn #1 lift station.

The overflow occurred from approximately 7:45 AM on June 4, 2021, to 10:45 AM on June 4, 2021.

The air/vacuum relief valve became clogged with debris resulting in the valve remining open during pump run cycles. An estimated 25 gallons of untreated wastewater was released onto the ground. WalCoMet personnel responded to the incident, stopped the leak, cleaned the area of any debris, and continues to monitor the situation. All necessary steps were taken to limit any public health hazard or potential harmful impacts to the environment.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been notified. Pursuant to the requirement in NR 210, this press release is being issued regarding this event.