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In 1967, a conscientious property owner plunged into the algae-filled waters of Delavan Lake to draw attention to the widespread pollution afflicting his beloved lake. His dramatic actions captured the attention of his neighbor and prompted a cleaning crusade which, in 1970, culminated with the establishment of the Delavan Lake Sanitary District (DLSD).

Efforts to obtain funding for the DLSD complete sewerage system drew the interest of the Southeastern Wisconsin Planning Commission and precipitated consideration of a regional plant which could efficiently serve the surrounding communities. In 1974, following a series of studies and hearings, the DNR ordered the creation of the Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District (WalCoMet). The new regional district was to serve the Delavan Lake Sanitary District, the cities of Delavan, Elkhorn, and the Walworth County Institutions, thereby eliminating the duplicated treatment efforts of each of these entities.

Since start-up of the original facility, 7 more entities have joined the District. Today, WalCoMet provides economical treatment of waste for 11 entities. Move the Time Line up to be under this sentence.  

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment in the regional treatment facility is an advanced process utilizing suspended growth biological processes followed by tertiary treatment with sand filters. The plant has the capability of producing very high quality effluent as required by its WPDES discharge permit.

Recycling Enhances the Environment and Benefits Farmers

Land application of wastewater treatment bio solids/end-products offers farmers an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers to rejuvenate their farm lands. This rich soil conditioner helps reduce soil erosion and replenishes the soil with valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Outstanding Final Water Quality Meets Stringent Standards

The citizens served by the WalCoMet Sewerage District can rest assured that the water discharged to Turtle Creek is of high quality. Approximately 99% of pollutants are removed from the wastewater before it is discharged.

Time Line:

1970 – Delavan Lake Sanitary District (DLSD) is formed
1974 – WalCoMet is formed to serve DLSD, and the City of Elkhorn
1975 – Walworth County Institutions is added to the District.
1977 – City of Delavan is added to the District
1979 – WalCoMet groundbreaking
1981 – WalCoMet begins treatment Design Flow: 3.75 MGD
1983 – Greidanus Enterprises (landfill) is added to the District
1987 – Village of Williams Bay is added to the District
1988 – Christian League is added to the District
1990 – Geneva National is added to the District
1994 – WalCoMet expansion Design Flow: 5.75 MGD
1995 – Village of Darien is added to the District
1995 – Town of Darien (Mobile Home Park)
1999 – Lake Como Sanitary District is added to the District
2009 – WalCoMet expansion Design Flow: 7.00 MGD