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Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District

WalCoMet serves 11 entities that comprise an area of 16 square miles with a current population of over 28,000. Each entity’s wastewater is discharged into 38 miles of interceptor sewers owned and maintained by WalCoMet.

The 11 entities are: Delavan Lake Sanitary District, City of Elkhorn, Walworth County Institutions, City of Delavan, Veolia ES Mallard Ridge Landfill, Village of Williams Bay, Inspiration Ministries, Geneva National, Village of Darien, Town of Darien Utility District, and the Lake Como Sanitary District.

The Collection system includes 10 lift stations, 31 miles of force main, and 7 miles of gravity sewers. Flow from the entities is measured and sampled at lift stations. Each lift station must be maintained for continuous service.

Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District

Phone: 262-728-4140
Fax:     262-728-4142


Average Daily Flow  7.00 MGD

Peak Monthly Flow   9.57 MGD
 Peak Daily Flow     20.20 MGD

The Mission of the Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District is to protect public health and the environment by collecting, conveying and treating wastewater to meet customers needs

while providing an exceptional quality effluent that meets discharge permit requirements

at the lowest possible cost to those served.

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Walworth County Metropolitan

Sewerage District

975 W. Walworth Avenue
Delavan, WI 53115

Phone: 262-728-4140
Fax:     262-728-4142

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A sanitary sewer overflow occurred at a manhole belonging to the Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District’s collection system on the south side of Washington Street, approximately 385 feet west of North Wisconsin Street in the Village of Darien.   The manhole contains an air/vacuum relief valve.

The overflow occurred from approximately 6:00 AM on April 23 to 10:20 AM on April 23, 2020.

The air/vacuum relief valve became dislodged from the force main and the result released an estimated 9,775 gallons. WalCoMet collection system personnel responded to the incident, stopped the leak, cleaned the area of any debris and continues to monitor the situation. All necessary steps were taken to limit any public health hazard or potential harmful impacts to the environment.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been notified. Pursuant to the requirement in NR 210, this public notification is being issued regarding this event.